CLEANSEPT 10+ Alcohol-based hand disinfectant gel that kills most common germs that may cause illness. Works in as little as 30 seconds.
CLEANSEPT 10+ Hand Gel

CLEANSEPT 10+ is a broad spectrum, colourless, and perfume-free alcoholic hand gel. The gentle hand disinfectant contains emollients, vitamins, and anti-aging substances that moisturize, soothe, and hydrate the skin.

  • The unique formulation contains moisturizers, emollients, vitamins, and other soothing compounds, which prevent your hands from drying. Furthermore, added antioxidants and anti-aging substances protect your hands from the stress of frequent disinfection. Therefore, CLEANSEPT 10+ not only efficiently disinfects your hands, but nourishes them at the same time.
  • The short contact time of only 1 minute and the disinfectant’s extremely broad effective spectrum, which includes activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses and non-enveloped viruses including adenovirus and norovirus, ensures that your hands are germ-free in no time.
  • The alcoholic hand gel is free of fragrances and dyes to ensure the best possible skin compatibility. You can now disinfect your hands frequently without the slightest worry that CLEANSEPT 10+ might irritate your hands.

Composition in 100 g

52.8 g ethanol, 19.0 g 1-propanol, 2.8 g isopropanol, moisturizers, emollients, vitamin E acetate, panthenol, bisabolol, gelling agents