CLEANSEPT 50+ Disinfectant concentrate for alginate, silicone and polyether dental impressions.
CLEANSEPT 50+ Impression Disinfectant Concentrate

CLEANSEPT 50+ is an economical disinfectant concentrate to thoroughly disinfect and clean dental impressions made of polyether, polysulfide, alginate, A-silicone, and C-silicone in less than 1 minute.

  • The ultra-concentrated formula allows you to produce 75 litres of working solution with only one 750 ml bottle. In other words, even if you change the solution daily, one bottle will last you for more than three months! If you do not have many impressions, you can use the working solution for even up to 5 days! As a result, one bottle will last you a staggering one year. This means you disinfect and clean your dental impressions at an unprecedented low cost, allowing you to spend money on more beautiful things in life.
  • The aldehyde-, phenol-, chlor-, iodofor-, and alcohol-free disinfectant does not fix proteins and is therefore, not carcinogenic. Using CLEANSEPT 50+ ensures that your workplace is safe and most importantly that you and your colleagues stay healthy.
  • The proprietary formula based on a unique combination of active substances offers thorough disinfection in only one minute. CLEANSEPT 50+ is compatible with impressions made of polyether, polysulfide, alginate, as well as A- and K-silicone. You can rest assured that CLEANSEPT 50+ neither affects the dimensional stability of your dental impression nor the abrasion resistance, hardness, and surface detail of gypsum casts.
  • Only immersion disinfection guarantees that the complete surface of dental impressions, impression moulds, dentures, and other prosthetic devices is covered by the disinfectant. You can be confident that every impression leaving your dental clinic or dental laboratory will never put anyone at risk.

Composition in 100 g

30.0 g benzalkonium chloride, surfactants, cleaning booster, auxiliaries

Dosing Calculator

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1 Cap = 40 ml

Dosing Table

smll_water_gallon Concentrate
Killing Time
3 %
30 ml
970 ml
60 seconds