CLEANSEPT 30+ Ready-to-use instrument disinfectant for rotary instruments. Fully virucidal in 60 seconds.
CLEANSEPT 30+ Instrument Disinfectant

CLEANSEPT 30+ is a virucidal, ready-to-use instrument disinfectant to manually disinfect and clean rotary instruments such as burs, cutters, and polishers in 60 seconds.

  • The extremely short contact time of only 1 minute and the disinfectant's bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity ensure that even the toughest microorganisms such as TB, Aspergillus brasiliensis, or polioviruses are inactivated in no time. As a result, a subsequent sterilization is not required if instruments are used for non-invasive procedures.
  • CLEANSEPT 30+ is free of harmful substances and harsh chemicals. As a result, you do not have to rinse your instruments after disinfection. Simply let them dry. This not only saves your precious time, but also prevents instruments from getting recontaminated while rinsing with water.
  • The working solution of CLEANSEPT 30+ can be used in any ultrasonic cleaning device which helps to speed up the removal of organic residue. Using CLEANSEPT 30+ in an ultrasonic cleaning device will further enhance the cleaning properties of the disinfectant and thus, make the disinfection process even more efficient.

Composition in 100 g

32 g isopropanol, 0.7 g phenoxyethanol, 0.2 g quaternary ammonium compounds, alkali, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants