CLEANSEPT 38+ Cleaner and lubricant for low- and high-speed handpieces and air motors.
CLEANSEPT 38+ Handpiece Oil

CLEANSEPT 38+ is a specially formulated oil suspension with cleaning boosters to manually clean and lubricate all bearings of dental handpieces and turbines before autoclaving.

  • CLEANSEPT 38+ allows you to manually clean and lubricate all your dental handpieces and turbines in less than 20 seconds. All you need is one bottle of CLEANSEPT 38+ and a corresponding adapter that fits your instrument. At the moment, more than 15 adapters are available that guarantee full compatibility with instruments from all major manufacturers such as Kavo, Sirona, NSK, W&H, and BienAir.
  • The patented application allows you to clean and lubricate your handpieces and turbines at the same time without generating germ-loaded aerosol. The unique application of CLEANSEPT 38+ completely fills instruments with liquid, thereby, ensuring that the transmission gear in the ball bearing is properly cleaned and lubricated.
  • The recyclable plastic bottle is more environmentally friendly than the pressurized metal cans containing only handpiece oil. By using CLEANSEPT 38+, you help to protect the earth for future generations.

Composition in 100 g

0.9 g phenoxyethanol, propan-1,2-diol, corrosion inhibitors, medical oil