CLEANSEPT 44+ Cleaning concentrate for all kinds of dental suction systems.

CLEANSEPT 44+ is a powerful concentrate to thoroughly clean dental suction units, cuspidors, and amalgam separators.

  • The powerful and highly concentrated formula quickly dissolves protein as well as other organic soils including blood and mucus. The solution effectively and reliably removes even the toughest biofilms and prevents new build-ups caused by unfavourable water compositions in the suction systems. CLEANSEPT 44+ not only lowers the frequency you have to replace your suction hoses and therefore, reduces your maintenance costs but also makes the use of more aggressive substances such as chlorine or bleach unnecessary.
  • The proven formula effectively prevents the formation of foam, thereby, ensuring a smooth and efficient cleaning process. This is particularly important since foam will usually be recognized by many aspirating unit motors as liquid when it is really air. If foam is present, the motor will continue to try to pump the liquid out, lose suction power and ultimately cause the motor to wear out much quicker than it should.
  • The alcohol-free cleaning concentrate, which is compatible with rubber and plastic, has passed numerous tests and has extensively been used for more than 10 years by many of our valued customers around the world. Knowing this gives you peace of mind. You can rest assured that CLEANSEPT 44+ is fully compatible with your suction system.

Composition in 100 g

Alkaline cleaning compounds, anti-foaming agents, special surfactants

Dosing Calculator

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1 Cap = 40 ml

Dosing Table

smll_water_gallon Concentrate
Killing Time
2 %
40 ml
1960 ml