CLEANSEPT 20+ Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes hard, non-porous surfaces in hospitals and industrial facilities.
CLEANSEPT 20+ Spray Disinfectant

CLEANSEPT 20+ is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum spray disinfectant to disinfect and clean non-invasive medical devices.

  • The ready-to-use solution comes in a highly ergonomic sprayer bottle with a clip-lid, which makes disinfection of surfaces a breeze. The high-quality trigger spray (optionally available) provides a comfortable, ergonomic, and easy spray application. The sprayer head guarantees an even spray patter that not only lowers your disinfection expenses but also reduces your ecological footprint.
  • The short contact time of only 1 minute and the disinfectant's extremely broad effective spectrum, which includes activity against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, enveloped viruses and non-enveloped viruses including adenovirus, poliovirus, and polyomavirus (SV 40), ensures that even the toughest microorganisms are inactivated in no time. You can rest assured that upon disinfecting your surfaces with CLEANSEPT 20+, they are guaranteed germ-free.
  • The modern formulation contains less than 50% alcohol. This means that you can even disinfect delicate surfaces such as vinyl upholstery, artificial leather covers, or Plexiglas without the slightest worry. Having to use a different surface disinfectant for sensitive surfaces is a thing of the past. CLEANSEPT 20+ does it all.

Composition in 100 g

20 g ethanol, 28 g 1-propanol, 0.056 g quaternary ammonium compounds

Material Compatibility

  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft-Vinyl_black_536A9684_23092015_635785970527109281
  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft-Vinyl_Amethyst_536A9691_23092015_635785969750719281
  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft-Vinyl_Teal_536A9693_23092015_635785968869613281
  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft-Vinyl_Hunter_536A9695_23092015_635785967508659281
  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft-Vinyl_Sage_536A9697_23092015_635785966658483281
  • 0_days_Earthlite_Natursoft_Aprikot_536A9677_23092015_635785965322887281
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